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Leave Hakodate to Sapporo

Today, we leave Hakodate at 7.30 am by Dr.Nagano's car. We decide to go to Sapporo by car because there are many interesting sight seeing points. The first point where we're stop is Yakumo fishing port. Yakumo is an odinary fishing port with brand new fisheries cooperative association building meanwhile this fishing port is very wealthy. Mainly at Yakumo fishing port most income comes from scallop aquaculture.

The second place we're stop by is "Wine Glass" fishing port at Kunnui. This fishing port is connected by a bridge, when look from the sky the shape looks like a wine glass. Wine glass fishing port was constructed by the issue of drift sand accumulate.

We reach Sapporo around 12.30 pm then we go to Dr.Nagano's lecture about "The construction of fishing ports with the new certification system point of view".

After the lecture, we had miso ramen which Dr.Nagano recommend, very nice and tasty ramen. We finished our lunch and we're heading to visit NDS (Japan data service company). The company provides information to their clients. For example, the artificial reefs which using waste from manufacturiong process and the traceaility system which customer and producer can sent their comments on their product via mobile phone.

After visited NDS, we went to Ministry of Land,Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau, Department of Agriculture and Fishies, Fisheries Division. The Chief of Fisheries Division briefly explain about his division and I just realise that about half of the budget is spent to fishing ports construction.